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TSOH | Close up: Thunderdome’s François Maas is the quintessential promoter

Aptly named ‘The Field Marshal’ by his employers, François Maas (Frans or Fransie for friends) is the quintessential promoter. For eighteen years now, he has been in charge of the promotion for Holland’s legendary organization ID&T. And for eighteen years, he has had his finger on the pulse of the Dutch dance music scene.

It all started end of the 90’s, when François started off making the rounds at hundreds of record stores in Holland – distributing tickets, flyers and posters for ID&T parties like Thunderdome, Mysteryland and Innercity. Come 2017, he is vigorous as ever before. You can still find him at all the best parties, having fun, but promoting one of his upcoming events.

From sending an airplane to scatter flowers and Mysteryland flyers over rivaling festival Dance Valley, to riding a bicycle with a sound system on it to every Amsterdam park to promote the first edition of Welcome to the Future; François has done it all. But he is most respected and renowned for keeping the Thunderdome flame burning – making this year’s 25th Anniversary another legendary edition.

François is not only living proof that hardcore will never die. He is also a reminder that you don’t have to become an asshole in order to be a music industry king pin. Actually, François is where he is because he’s such a nice guy. And Thunderdome is what it is today, in great part because of François open-armed approach and dedication.
Check out the full video below [Sorry, Dutch only]:


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TSOH | Close up: Rod Malmok talks about overcoming insecurities for his new album

We caught up with Rotterdam techno titan Benny Rodrigues aka. ROD for an open-hearted conversation about his new album Back to Square One. It was the first record he felt confident enough about to release on his own label. “Before this album, I would always send my tracks to others, because I really needed the reassurance of big names like Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann or Garnier to know the value of my own music. “This is the first time I had the balls to bring it out myself.”

He also explains why he doesn’t work with a management, bookings agency or PR-company. And reminisces about his first vacation on Ibiza, where he was overwhelmed by all the billboards and the big DJ names. Last summer, he saw his own face on one of the billboards across from Amnesia, for his residency at HYTE. “If you want to focus on an international career, Ibiza is a very important stronghold.”

Check out the full interview here:

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