Business to business

TSOH develops and provides informative and inspiring activities, such as events, (brand) activations and consultancy. Among our clients are The Dutch Royal House; The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science; the City of Amsterdam; SAIL Amsterdam; the Next Web.

Masterclasses & experiences

TSOH Masterclasses can also be held as private group sessions. We can make tailored content in line with (future) Dance related activities of an organisation. In our Masterclasses, guest speakers – industry game changers – highlight the ‘artist side’ (e.g., DJs, producers, bookers, managers) or the ‘organisation side’ (e.g. organisers, promoters, marketers, designers).



The Dance culture is a thriving international creative industry. Hence a growing number of companies and institutions get involved in Dance related activities, or see Dance as an interesting market. In addition, the millions of Dance enthusiasts, mostly young people, are an important target group for institutions and companies.

At the same time Dance culture may still seem fairly elusive, especially to ‘outsiders’, because of its roots in the nightly underground. TSOH can provide a helpful insight into this dynamic world through targeted information. Our consultancy can be combined with our Masterclasses or Experiences.


The content and body of knowledge of TSOH can be linked to (commercial) activations of institutions, companies or brands, under the condition that our quality standards are guaranteed. At the same time we aspire to share knowledge on Dance – current and historical – combined with fun and inspiration.

Our partners

The School of House collaborates with several leading creative and innovative businesses. Our partners are investing in education and share our love for electronic music.

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