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  • 9 May – 4 July 2018 Dutch
  • Wednesday night
  • 19:00 till 22:00
  • 9 lessons
  • € 795,-

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In the Event & Organisation Course, all aspects of organising a dance event will be featured. Subjects as Budget, Licenses & Insurance, the Creative side: Concept, Creation and Programming, Promotion & (Social) Media and of course Logistics & Production.

  • Course material will consist out of hand-outs
  • Visit to a club or festival location
  • Access to the ‘alumni’ Facebook page with jobs, internships and guest list opportunities
  • Certificate

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Dutch Dance

Every week there is a tremendous amount of Dance events within the Netherlands. From massive indoor raves, to boutique festivals. In addition to these one-off events, there is a lively club culture. It takes a lot for an event organizer to stand out in this overly crowded market. Artists and location are often key ingredients, but there are so many more parts that make up the unique mix for your perfect party.

A tight business plan and good financial management form the foundation of a healthy dance organization, and also ensure that the organizer can walk around with a smile on his/her own (after) party. Even at large scale commercial events, the fun and passion of the organization are critical factors, which affect the overall party experience.

A (big) Dance event is the climax of months of blood, sweat and tears. Festivals are like a small society, complete with shops and restaurants, but also security and medical facilities. To make tens of thousands of visitors have the day or night of their lives, is a tremendous logistical challenge, with a lot more involved than putting some cool performers on a nice stage. But even in a small club a tight production crucial for a successful evening.


The Event & Organisation Course features all aspects of the organising a successful Dance event: commercial issues such as financing, licensing and insurance; the creative side: concept, creation and programming; marketing, promotion and (social) media; and of course the logistics and production.

During the Event & Organisation Course game changers, such as Duncan Stutterheim (ID & T), Sjoerd Wynia (Open AIR), Daan Spoek (Voltt, 5 Days Off), Wytze Dijk (Vrijland / Cartel) and Bardo Roodnat (GZG / Warehouse Elementenstraat) share their experience and vision on the ‘perfect event’. In addition various professionals such as bookers, stage managers and creatives talk about their specific activities, offering the participants different professional perspectives in order to develop a comprehensive overview of the Dance industry. Through field experience – at renowned clubs like Warehouse Elementenstraat, Club Air, Studio 80, or a festival site – students not only get to hear the stories, but also take an actual look behind the scenes.

Based on weekly assignments the students create their own party concept: from the initial concept, through the financial control, to the after movie. During this process they will receive feedback from the professionals involved. This course is aimed at both (starting) independent organisers and employees at events organisations, but is inspiring for anyone involved in or curious about the Dance industry. Successful participation is rewarded with a certificate.











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