TSOH is at the heart of Dutch Dance. Our ambassadors play an important role in this. As a sounding board behind the scenes, but often also as an inspiring storyteller for the class. These movers & shakers represent different generations, music trends and disciplines within the Dance, but are all widely respected and belong to the absolute top of their scene!


Duncan Stutterheim

Many know Duncan Stutterheim as the most successful Dutch dance entrepreneur. But the founder of ID&T and driving force behind super events such as Sensation and Mysteryland is a true mercator sapiens.
In addition to his commercial successes, he has a big heart for more idealistic initiatives within the Dance.TSOH is a good example of this; without Duncan’s support and trust, TSOH would not exist in its current form.



Roog is one of the best known DJs in our country since the 90s. With Hardsoul the king of “soulful house” was  (together with his brother Greg) the first Dutchman with a release on the leading English Defected label and received recognition in the US from House institutions such as Strictly Rhythm. His own Hardsoul label now also serves as an international beacon of quality House. For TSOH he passes on the pure House D.N.A. to DJs and producers.



DJ Dimitri is the godfather of the Dutch DJ guild. The wizard, the magician, ‘de tovenaar’  these are some nicknames that emphasise his inimitable choice of records and mixing techniques.
As a resident of the RoXY, he was at the basis of the Dutch House revolution. The founder of the High Tech Soul Movement was an important link between Amsterdam and Detroit. Techno legends such as Derrick May and Carl Craig praise Dimitri as an inspiration.


Gert van Veen

Gert van Veen is known as “the conscience of Dutch Dance”. As a music scientist and journalist at De Volkskrant, he was the first to give the emerging House movement a serious voice in the late 1980s. This was followed by countless articles, essays and even books
(Release 1, Release 2 and Mary Go Wild). But Gert does more than just sharply observe and describe from the sidelines.


Steve Rachmad

This Techno giant needs little introduction. Yet it is less known that Steve, under his alter egos Sterac and Rachmad Project, is in addition to the solid work he is also a master of the deeper and more Housy sounds, and also has a preference for Disco.
In the 1980s, he bought the legendary Roland TR-808 from his newspaper rounds. Still one of his favourite drum computers, along with the equally legendary 909. The maestro uses these machines to show us how he makes his beats.

Victor Coral

Victor Coral

There are few aspects of Dance culture Victor Coral has not explored thoroughly. He has even earned a Master degree in Cultural Studies on Dance and has published on Dance culture in academic journals; for example in Mary Go Wild. 25 years of Dance in the Netherlands; and as a copywriter for various dance organisations. He has also been working as a teaching and research assistant at the University of Amsterdam. Victor is Head of Content & Education at TSOH, but you can also expect him in the classroom on a regular basis, as a teacher and moderator!


Iason Chronos / Mason

The Amsterdam DJ and Producer Iason Chronis, better known as Mason, knew his major breakthrough in 2006 with Exceeder. This worldwide number 1 hit marked the rise of the Electro house. Afterwards, numerous radio hits and underground releases followed, including collaborations with greats such as Roisin Murphy (Moloko), Run DMC and Jocelyn Brown. Mason is also busy behind the scenes. He runs his own record label Animal Language and parties of the same name. He is also a member of the Buma / Stemra members’ council and a member of the foundation. From this position he shares knowledge about the all-round existence of the contemporary Dance artist.


Olivier Weiter

Olivier Weiter is a figurehead of the Amsterdam “upperground”, the still growing scene that proves that an “underground” sound does not have to be reserved exclusively for a select audience. Weiter is a true “old-fashioned” DJ. His motto: “Play every set as if it were your first and your last”.
This infectious enthusiasm is bearing fruit. Within Amsterdam’s nightlife, Weiter has become one of today’s tastemakers. He effortlessly fills the Paradiso with his Weiternachten. This open-minded Amsterdam resident talks with passion about his experiences and learning moments. A great opportunity for DJ / producers to mirror themselves to a successful artist in the spring of his career!


Jasja Heijboer

Jasja Heijboer represents a number of world-renowned DJs with her booking agency Ace Agency. As a discoverer of the famous DJ Afrojack and the driving force behind the career of, among others, Bassjackers, Martin Garrix, Quintino, Ummet Ozcan, Yellow Claw, she has more than earned her stripes worldwide.



Thomás Goethals, better known as The Flexican, embodies the fruitful connection of Dance with Urban. If there are any doubts as to whether these styles can be combined, The Flexican will remove them without mercy. In fact, he combines the best of both worlds: super-fast and super-tight Hip Hop cuts in the mix, with the drive of a pumping House set. As a producer, he achieved success with his own band Flinke Namen, but also with other big names such as Typhoon and FS Green. With his loyal companion MC Sef he draws full houses with their concept ‘Yours Truly’. The Flexican is a welcome addition to the ever wider musical palette within the Dance that TSOH aims for among its ambassadors and teachers.


Michel de Hey

Michel de Hey is a figurehead of the Dutch Techno scene. Originally from Rotterdam, he was resident of the legendary club Nighttown in the early 90s. His weekly Future evenings were a source of inspiration for many DJs.
Now 25 years later, this craftsman still understands the language of the new Techno and House generations: as a DJ, as a producer and as the owner of his record label Hey! His knowledge and experiences are a rich addition to TSOH.


Lupe Lambers

Lupe Lambers is a real all-rounder: DJ, producer and promoter. For years he has been hosting club nights and events at various locations in Amsterdam like Studio 80, Doka, Club Up, the late Club 11 and Paradiso.
Lupe has a great knowledge of Dance music ranging from classic Disco to contemporary House. Lupe has experience with both conceiving and executing concepts for both major festivals, as well as smaller club events.

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