Dive in the studio with The School of House

[:nl]Wil je feedback op je tracks?
Wil je 1 op 1 sessies om je skills en productie niveau te verbeteren?
Wil je werken met analoge gear, of juist met de nieuwste plug-ins?
Je tracks equalizen of masteren?

Of wil je net het laatste duwtje in de goede richting?

Boek dan nu studio tijd en neem contact met ons op![:en]Do you want feedback on your tracks?
Would you like 1 on 1 sessions to improve your skills and level of production?
Do you want to work with analog gear, or with the latest plug-ins?
Equalize or master your tracks together with professionals?

Join our DJ Performance & Industry Course or contact us for 1 on 1 session!

Or just the final push in the right direction?

Book studio time and contact us![:]

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