The School of House

educational platform for ELECTRONIC MUSIC & Dance Events

TSOH provides a unique combination of theory and practice, where prominent guest speakers from the electronic music & Dance industry play a key role. DJs, producers and organizers – from pioneers to young guns, and from underground to mainstream – talk passionately about their world.

Students gain valuable knowledge of the everyday practices within the industry and are offered outlooks. They are themselves challenged to come up with questions and ideas. TSOH also opens up its network to generate work experience, internships or even jobs for the most talented participants.


In the Event & Organisation Course, all aspects of organising a dance event will be featured. subjects as Budget, Licenses & Insurance, the Creative side: Concept, Creation and Programming, Promotion & (Social) Media and of course Logistics & Production. 

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In the Course Music Production & Creation the creative process of electronic music production is key. Obviously this will not be separated from the technical process. The emphasis however lays on creation. The students gain insight on how to get their productions signed and many more.

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In the DJ Performance & Industry Course the magical interaction between artist and audience is central. Various creative positions within the contemporary Dance world will be covered. The Course will go in-depth to important choices artist need to make and the creative chances they have.

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The School of House is the new education platform for Dance culture. Our aim is to gather practical and theoretical knowledge about the Dance culture, in order to pass on this knowledge in an inspiring way.

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TSOH is the hub in a widespread Dance network. Our ambassadors, lecturers and guest speakers are among the movers and shakers of the Dance and offer a vast body of experience.

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TSOH develops and provides informative and inspiring activities, such as events, (brand) activations and consultancy. Among our clients is The Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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