TSOH | MC Gee: “We are always going to be the underdog”

If there is one person who embodies Dutch MC culture, it’s MC Gee. Traveling all over the world as the resident MC of Sensation, he has hosted some of the world’s biggest stages. We sat down with the Englishman in Amsterdam to reminisce about his early endeavors in the UK drum ’n bass scene, reflect on contemporary DJ-culture, and discuss what it takes these days to be a kick-ass Master of Ceremony.

It’s basically the art of shutting up, Gee explains: “If you work with DJs like Solomun or Eric Morillo or Deep Dish or Joris Voorn or somebody, you say one thing in 45 or 50 minutes, when the crowd needed a little pick me up, and they’ll look at you like: ‘That was nice, thank you. And now put the mic down and I’ll see you in another hour.’ So if you’ve got the skills, then you can hold the mic and run it and make the crowd go bonkers. But at the same time the discipline is can you shut your mouth. And less is more, so to speak. I dunno, I kind of enjoy that.”

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