Nadine Galle: “Festivals are ideal testing grounds for the circular economy revolution.”

Nadine Galle works for Metabolic, a sustainability advice agency, using systems thinking to tackle global sustainability issues. Festivals are fenced in, making them naturally closed ecosystems, ideal testing grounds for a circular economy. Nadine’s research for festivals like DGTL and Welcome to the Village not only helps them to become as sustainable as possible. The insights gained at these events will ultimately help her to tackle sustainability challenges of larger ecosystems like cities, municipalities and provinces.

Growing up in Toronto, Canada, Nadine became concerned with sustainability issues at an early age: “It’s the textbook case of urban sprawl. No more balance between nature and what has been built there. You arrive in Toronto, and you can drive for hundreds of kilometers, and see nothing but concrete. That disbalance in nature was what inspired me to study earth sciences, ecology and biology.”

Nadine found hope in the circular economy framework, in which a new and more sustainable system can be built for the future. She is now determined to accelerate this transition, starting with festivals. By investigating resources, power supply, waste and water management at events, she can develop a sustainability strategy for organizations. Thanks to people like her, dance music is at the forefront of a circular economy revolution.

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