Our partners

Our network is the backbone of TSOH program. In order to expand, improve and sustain our network, TSOH has partners that are leading in the field of:


TSOH develops tailored content for Dutch educational institutions, including ROC of Amsterdam mbo College South and NHTV Breda. Additionally, we select lecturers and guest speakers, organise field excursions, and arranges & supervise internships. What’s more, we initiate and participate in research projects on Dance culture.

Numerous students – from vocational schools to universities – aspire a career in the Dance industry. Their regular curriculum can provide a general preparation on subjects such as event organisation, music management or electronic music production.

Becoming part of the dynamic Dance culture proves more challenging though. Therefore educational institutions join forces with TSOH. In close dialogue with teachers and counsellors, TSOH develops special programs ranging from inspirational sessions, courses, summer schools.

what do we offer?

TSOH facilitates teachers and guest speakers, field experiences, tours, projects and internships. TSOH also mediates case studies within Dance organisations, where students can work on real challenges on a project basis. Through such working experiences graduates are ready to meet industry standards.

dance culture

Furthermore, TSOH plays an active role in Dance related research projects. Together with students, teachers and scholars relevant topics are determined and explored. Accordingly TSOH contributes to the body of knowledge on Dance culture.

Finally, TSOH aspires long-term partnerships. A pilot project with ROC of Amsterdam mbo College South was launched summer 2015. A selected group of students attended a summer school at TSOH, offering a theoretical part on event organisation followed by a side event at Mysteryland – Holland’s biggest Dance festival – created and hosted by the students. This successful project inspired TSOH and ROC of Amsterdam mbo College South  to continue working on projects and courses for 2015-’16, a full major on Dance culture in 2016-’17 and even a full Event Producer program that started in 2018.


The youth are the future! The target group for the program of TSOH is 18+. But we have strong ties with two of the biggest Dutch cultural institutions for youth: CJP and Kunstbende.

The rising popularity of Dance among youth is clearly visible at Kunstbende. In this annual national cultural talent show for 12 to 18 year olds, the category ‘DJ’ was the latest to be added to the contest. Yet within these seven years it has become the category with the most entries!

TSOH is closely involved in the finals. During the semi-finals we organise workshops for the participants and a ‘meet & greet’ with industry chiefs, to teach and inspire the next generation. At the grand finale TSOH offers a workshop open to all visitors, and take place behind the scorer’s table. On top of that the winner gets a free Course on DJ Performance & Industry from TSOH!

Creative industries

Dance is a rapidly expanding creative industry. In the Amsterdam region alone Dance culture provides many thousands of jobs and contributes to tourism. Therefore TSOH is proud of the confidence in our Start Up from Open House and ID&T.


The support from ID&T, Holland’s biggest Dance events organiser, is a major seal of approval for TSOH. ID&T founder Duncan Stutterheim is our first and probably foremost ambassador. From an early stage Duncan supported our plans with guidance and assistance. Without his effort TSOH would not have been established in its present form. Duncan also shows his passion for education and the new generations of Dance talent as a guest speaker in our classroom.

Furthermore, TSOH is located in the A’DAM Toren, the creative breeding ground housing  ID&T and other music & events companies. This environment fits perfectly with the network function of TSOH. Amongst our ‘neighbours’ we find some great guest speakers. Also we join forces with Mysteryland, Beatport and Headliner Entertainment on our educational mission.




It’s been some 15 years since the Berlin based music software company Ableton AG took the world of music production by storm with the launch of the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Ableton Live. The revolutionary aspects of this digital music studio are the intuitive and hands on workflow. In the mean time Ableton has gained popularity among DJs and musicians and has become market leader among Dance producers.

The focus on the creative process in our Ableton Courses is a decisive factor for TSOH to join forces with Ableton. Our main teachers are Ableton Certified Trainers. Participants receive a student discount on Ableton software and hardware. Furthermore, we develop special Ableton workshops and masterclasses in collaboration with their Berlin headquarters.

Open House

Open House is an Innovation & Business Accelerator for the Event, Dance and Music Industry. TSOH is among the first batch of three start-ups that received support and funding from Open House. An important first step towards realising our aspirations!


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