Shelter’s Merijn van den Heuvel on Starting Your Own Club

When Shelter opened its doors in 2016, it immediately struck a nerve in Amsterdam’s already bustling nightlife. First of all, the sound system blew everyone away. Secondly, the club’s atmosphere — a culmination of the team, the musical programing and its aesthetic — attracted a loyal following of dedicated clubbers and ravers.  We sat down with former Managing Director Merijn van den Heuvel to talk about all the things necessary to start a successful club.

Merijn has some valuable learnings to share with us, and answers all kinds of questions, like where to start: “You start by asking yourself what it is you seek in a club. What’s important for you? What’s important for the market? We put a few pillars on paper, which were most important to us. They were: sound, sound, sound, acoustic, acoustic, acoustic, because we’re a quality club, and that’s the thing. If that isn’t immediately well executed, you need to fix that while building.”

Find out more about the vision behind Shelter, and all you need to know before starting your own club, in the video below.

You can also find Shelter on Facebook and Instagram.

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