TSOH | Close-Up: Armada’s Jeroen te Rehorst on Proper A&R Management

Jeroen te Rehorst is the A&R (artists & repertoire) manager for Armada Music, one of the world’s leading electronic music labels. He speaks about the traits an A&R manager should have, and the work that needs to be done when scouting for artists, guiding their careers and promoting their music. He also offers some wise learnings for unsigned producers about sending demo’s.

“A producer needs to make sure of a really good pitch towards us. They need to have a story ready: I’m this and that guy, I’ve made this track, I’ve had feedback from my surroundings. He can say that in a short story, and he can have a link to listen to that we can play immediately. Not that we need to download it or something like that. The less action we need to take to listen to your music, the better.

“Especially when people send us demos, I always ask: is this really the best track you’ve ever made? Because a lot of people send a track, and we say: ‘Well, this isn’t it.’ And then they say: ‘Here I’ve got another one, and here I’ve got another one, and another one.’ And then it becomes somewhat of a scattergun approach. So I assume the moment you send us tracks, you truly offer us the best work you ever made in your life.

“And then I want to believe that we’re the only ones you send the tracks to, because I’ve had it so many times where someone sends me an email saying: ‘Hello Spinnin, this is my new track, or ‘Hey, other label,’ you know, ‘here’s my new track.’ Well, then you usually get thrown unto the pile, because you didn’t prepare your pitch well enough.”

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