TSOH | Close-Up: Eric Keijer Explains the International Success of Sensation

Early November, Eric Keijer announced his resignment as the General Manager of Sensation, the world’s leading dance event for many years in a row. He has been part of a little under 120 Sensation events in over 20 different countries around the world. If there’s anyone in the world of Events & Organization who has seen it all, it’s Eric Keijer.

The School of House sat down in 2017 with Eric for a long and very insightful interview about managing a giant and internationally renowned event like Sensation. For a year, we’ve been using this content in our classes, but the content is so cool, we decided to make a publication out of it. There are some valuable learnings Eric is sharing with us. He has a very clear vision of the industry and all the people in it.

When asked which personality traits are most welcome at Sensation, Eric says: “Being open to other people’s knowledge. There are plenty of stubborn people of course. Especially project managers are great at minding other people’s business, but they need to understand that the technical team is more knowledgeable than the project managers. Put your trust in other people’s knowledge.”

And, as Eric stresses: “You need to like what you do, have a feeling for dance music, you need to visit those events in your spare time. That’s all, I think. And also be open to other cultures. When you’re touring internationally, that’s very important.”

Watch the entire interview here:

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